29th Peterborough Manticore Rovers

About Us

 The 29th Peterborough 'Manticore' Rovers is one of two rover crews that are part of 29th St. Alphonsus in Peterborough, Ontario. Rover's are the oldest section in scouting. For more information on Scouts Canada check out their website at www.scouts.ca. We currently have eight active members & ten retired members as well as one Skip. We hold business meetings once a month and spend the rest of the month doing what we do best. Having fun! We also make time to do self-evaluations to learn & grow as individuals as well as plenty of team building exercises. The Manticores attend several camps per year (otherwise known as 'Moots') as well as local interaction with the younger sections of our scouting group.

If you are between the ages of 18-26 & like to have fun as well as grow as an individual and be part of a team that seems more like a family. Check us out! :)

Our email is manticorerovers@hotmail.com.

1st Lakefield Rovers, 29th Peterborough Rovers & Ventures in Niagara Falls, Ontario

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